Julia Pimsleur Scaling Coach & Mindset Expert

“What the heck is going on?”

There are still many mornings I wake up and that is the first thought that goes through my mind. You too?

Wildfires in California, a pandemic that won’t fizzle, explosive racial justice issues finally coming to the forefront, and all the ugliness of the…

It’s hard to find the right words as a white woman right now. For me, reading this helped:

“If you are not Black, please remember your voice is needed right now — being anti-racist means speaking up, being an ally and challenging the injustices that may not directly affect you…

Just one of the six pages of participants at the Million Dollar Women *Virtual* Summit, April 2020

All in-person events have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean your event can’t still take place. Here are four tips you can implement to bring your in-person event online — in just a few weeks.

Two months (or eight hundred years?) ago, COVID-19 spread across the planet, shut down businesses…

Julia Pimsleur

Julia Pimsleur is Founder & Chief Empowerista at Million Dollar Women, a NYC based social venture.

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